At this time, the Public Health Agency of Canada has raised the public health risk associated with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from low to serious for the general population in Canada and it continues to change almost daily. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we all have a role to play in slowing its spread and minimizing its impact on our health care system and in our communities.

Towards New Horizons

The Covid-19 Virus is an “envelope virus” which means that it has an outer envelope and this outer layer makes it relatively easy to kill with most disinfectants. Although the proper disinfectant may be used to kill this virus, improper use may be ineffective against the virus.

Golden Triangle DKI is highly trained in Detailed Forensic Cleaning and Professional Disinfection. We have established policies, procedures and protocols to effectively deal with the COVID-19 virus to help keep our homes, office places, institutions, places of worship and community centers clean.

The products we use are hospital grade, botanical disinfectants which will keep you free from the effects of harsh chemicals.

Our short-term goals are individual isolation and strict hand washing practices.  We are still open for emergency services and cleaning

Our organizational contingency plan ensures that all safety procedures and protocols are adhered to at all times.