Golden Triangle Restoration offers a wide variety of restoration services including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Water Extraction
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Storage Facilities
  • Drying Equipment
  • Air Scrubbing to Eliminate Odor

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Water can have devastating consequences if not treated quickly and properly. Typical causes of water damage include fire, weather, burst pipes, and sewage overflow. Damage will occur if the water is not quickly and properly extracted, and the salvageable property thoroughly dried and disinfected. Water spreads rapidly and can quickly result in costly damage.

Immediate Damage:

  • Furniture begins to stain carpet
  • Wooden desks, chairs, and cabinets swell and split
  • Bacterial odor emerges

Damage Within Days:

  • Mold develops
  • Structure may weaken
  • Computers, phones, fax machines, and other electronics malfunction

Damage Within Weeks:

  • Content and structural restoration may not be possible

Golden Triangle Restoration has successfully mitigated countless water-related losses with the insight and expertise to prevent future mold infestations. Our teams take an organized, phased approach to mitigate water damage, beginning with a thorough assessment, pack-out of all contents, extraction of standing water, and dehumidification.


After a fire, Golden Triangle Restoration acts quickly to contain the damage and assess the scope of restoration. Our team works closely with the insurance company to expedite the recovery process, immediately working to get your business back in business as soon as possible.

Immediate Damage:

  • Acidic soot residue stains plastic surfaces, grout, and porous stone
  • Documents and books discolor
  • Furniture finishes begin to yellow
  • Metals begin to tarnish

Damage Within Days:

  • Soot settles in computers, phones, fax machines, causing malfunction
  • Walls permanently discolor
  • Metal begins to corrode
  • Upholstery becomes permanently stained

Damage Within Weeks:

  • Content and structure may be unsalvageable


Contents can be permanently damaged if the right restoration techniques are not utilized. GTR uses only the most advanced methods of cleaning to restore your contents so you can resume your lifestyle as quickly as possible.

POI (Pack Out Inventory) is a tool designed to increase insurance company profitability while enhancing restoration contractor productivity. Using POI, restoration contractors can be onsite and produce a complete content listing, usually within 72 hours. The content listing provides the claims handler with all information required to minimize leakage and quickly settle claims.


The region is no stranger to strong damaging winds. Immediately following a wind storm damages must be assessed and emergency work completed. This will prevent further damage to the building and contents.

Facts about Windstorms:

  • Falling trees or blowing debre cause most fatalities, and also cause severe damage to buildings and vehicles.
  • Power pole and line damage cause widespread power outage.
  • Failure of roof cover and structures can lead to additional damage and entry of wind and rain into house.
  • Garage doors are the weakest link in the outer structure of a house. Failure at this point has a domino effect.
  • Exterior load-bearing walls of buildings can fail resulting in the collapse of the roof.
  • Weathered, loose window frames are exceptionally vulnerable during severe wind storms.
  • A light metal building can totally collapse.
  • Office buildings are generally structurally sound, but broken windows cause injuries inside and outside the building, leading to water damage.
  • Bus stop shelters and other common areas where people seek shelter are vulnerable and could collapse, resulting in significant injuries and fatalities.


Property is not just subject to the environment, vehicle impact can cause major damage to a building, contents and fencing.

GTR can attend the site immediately to assess damages and complete emergency work required.

Major and minor damages could include:

  • Masonry
  • Glass
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Landscaping


Vandalism is a senseless act, however one that exists on a daily basis.

Vandalism can cause financial hardship to property owners due to damages caused by others.

Break and enter, malicious damage, graffiti, broken glass and doors.

For peace of mind we can secure your property and professionally disinfect your personal belongings.

The safety of the client is of utmost importance. We can eliminate this concern by completing emergency repairs 24/7 and seeing the property pending assessment of damages and completion of repairs.