Structural Drying

Structural Drying | What Is It?

Often, this process is for the removal of unwanted water and moisture from a job site. Structures need to be dry enough to meet a certain standard of dryness. After a flood, your floors and walls are most likely going to see damage. Part of the restoration process includes drying out the area to get rid of the water. If ignored, moulding or wear and tear ensues.

Structural Drying

What Our Process Looks Like:

Water Extraction

The first step for structural drying is the extraction of water. Depending on the size of the job will determine the method used. Physical extraction is an effective strategy for drying. In regards to carpeting, if it soaked, it may need to be replaced. Moulding in carpet is common especially if the water is sitting.


The evaporation of remaining water and moisture is key. We use a high pressure air mover to combat the soaked structure. The size of these air movers are based on the flooding. The removal of moisture is key in the drying process.


The elimination of moisture ends with a dehumidifier. After a flood, moisture evaporates and is still present in a vapour form that stays in the air. Without dehumidification, moisture finds it way to the structures that were just dried. As mentioned before, moisture leads to moulding. This is another issue that property owners don't want to deal with.

Temperature Control

Before leaving the job site, temperature control is important. To ensure the moisture evaporates, 20 and 32 degrees celsius for the first 2 days of drying. Warm air speeds up the process and allows for more efficiency.

Structural Drying

What's the Importance?

At Golden Triangle DKI, our team prides ourselves on results. We have the skill to perform a number of cleaning service Cambridge jobs. With a growing clientele, we’ve experienced a variety of scenarios. If you have experienced a flood, reach out to our team. Not only do we provide drying services, but water damage restoration too.

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