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We focus on office buildings, investment properties, and other commercial work spaces. Our cleaning team offers quality services that produce the best results. Some of the common reasons for property cleaning are due to age, dirt, dust, or other messes. If your building is experiencing any of this, contact us. We specialize in full-service cleaning and restoration of commercial properties.

Commercial Cleaning Company

Best Commercial Cleaning Company Services

Janitorial Work

Our janitorial team provides a deep-clean that leaves your property looking spotless. If you are investing in this type of work, you want it to be effective. We have years of experience when it comes to thorough cleaning. Your property is bound to increase in value and increase production at the same time.

Carpet and Upholstery

One of the most difficult jobs is cleaning carpet and upholstery. Often overlooked, carpet and upholstery accumulated a ton of dirt and dust. If your property hasn't seen a professional clean in years, it may be time to invest in this. We steam clean and use industrial vacuums to restore carpeted areas.

Property Disinfection

With the recent pandemic, there are still companies looking to keep their commercial buildings and offices clean. There never has been more of a demand for disinfection services. We improve air quality to ensure employees aren't getting sick with the spread of germs.

Odour Elimination

When you have a large commercial building, there is a lot of foot traffic. People tend to leave behind messes and garbage and dirt piles up. Odours form from garbage and lack of cleaning. If you notice a smell forming from your property and need inspections, call us.

Commercial Cleaning Company

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Being in the industry for year has shown us how to get the best results. Effort and precision is what we strive for and we know the best path to achieve our goals. Our detail-oriented approach to every job is why we are the top-rated cleaning company in Cambridge. Some of our cleaning services also include dusting, vacuuming, disinfection, and many more. Other important cleaning services we offer:

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