Odour Removal Services

Odour Removal Services| What Do We Offer?

Eliminating an odour is a chore not every cleaning company provides. If you notice a smell in your home or workplace, call us. We effectively locate odours and have the tools to eliminate it. With years of cleaning service experience, our team handles situations promptly. Do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Odour Removal Services

Where is Odour Generated From?


A common area that produces odours are restrooms. Especially in commercial buildings, these often are neglected. If you need cleaning services for your washrooms, we have a team for that.

Offices and Meeting Rooms

Throughout the year, water and mold can accumulate in office and meeting room carpet. If not cleaned, a smell generates from the constant wear and tear. Moisture buildup in carpet or upholstery is common in these spaces.

Hallways and Stairwells

Especially during winter, water and outdoor elements makes it way inside. The accumulation of moisture in a workplace isn't good for the building. Not only does this effect the tiling/flooring but a smell could develop.

HVAC Systems

Whether the job is residential or commercial, HVAC systems are bound to break down at some point. Ignoring your broken HVAC system may lead to odours or other disturbances. Handling your HVAC is one of the services offered by our team.

Odour Removal Services

How Do We Handle Odours?

Commercial work areas need special odour treatment. A primary tactic for odour elimination starts with modular diffuser systems. These help neutralize the smell and combat future odours. Another solution is that our team uses is hydrogen peroxide or other probiotic cleaners. Our team encourages you to reach out to us for any odour situations. Being proactive is important, let’s not have the situation worsen.

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