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Home Renovation Cambridge | What We Offer

Our team believes renovating or repairing your home should be a seamless process. At Golden Triangle DKI, we specialize in both interior and exterior design. Whether it’s for your home, investment property, or workplace, we do it all. That’s why, for over a decade , we’ve made it our mission to give our clients exactly what they want. Our company goal is to make the process a pleasant experience for you. We pride ourselves on communication and a great customer/client relationship.
home renovations Cambridge

What Renovations / Repairs Are Best For You?

Kitchen / Bathroom

With full kitchen renovations, homeowners can regain about 50% of the cost. Meaning, investing in kitchen upgrades would benefit you in the long run. Changes like this increases your home as an asset.

Windows & Doors

Our team offers a wide range of construction services for your home. Windows and doors help improve the look and functionality of your home. If you notice any issues with your Cambridge windows and doors, contact us today.

Roofing System

Ignoring any roof repair issues comes with consequences. Prioritizing your safety is important. The design and aesthetic of your home is something homeowners take seriously. If you have any issues with your roof, contact us. We offer repairs, replacement, and installations.

Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Whether the job is residential or commercial, cleaning your property is key. Any unwanted dirt or dust makes it tough being in the area for a period of time. To have a full cleaning service, call our professionals. We ensure your property is clean and as good as new.

home renovations Cambridge

Why Should You Renovate Your Home or Workplace?

Renovation gives a feeling of newness to a home or property. A well-done renovation includes replacing roofs, windows, door, and more. Repairing any fragmented structure and redesigning is in your best interest. Some of the best reasons for a residential or commercial renovation are:

  1. Increase Property Price
  2. Modernize Your Home
  3. Upgrades
  4. More Enjoyment
  5. Prevents Further Structural Issues

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