Storm Damage Repair

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Whether commercial or residential, handling fire and smoke issues is a challenge. At Golden Triangle DKI, we understand how severe these situations are. For any fire restoration Cambridge Ontario issues, contact us. Providing as much detail on the phone is important. This way, we ensure the process is as efficient as possible. 

Storm Damage Repair

What Can Storms Cause?

Shingle Peeling

Areas that experience high winds are bound to run into some issues. Depending on the age of your roof, it may be vulnerable to wind pressure. Roof inspections are encouraged before further peeling or cracking occurs. Our team handles all roof repair work for your home or property.

Landscaping Damage

Depending on the severity of the storm, trees or landscaping may see some damage. Calling our team for home renovation services is the best next step. Any exterior or interior repairs fall under our services offered. If you require specific services, contact us with the details of your situation.

Debris Clutter

Heavy storms can leave trees, shingles, and other debris across your property. Not all debris is safe for the homeowner to clean themselves. At Golden Triangle DKI we offer property cleanup services. Whether it's interior or exterior cleaning, we handle it all.

Hydro Disfunction

During storms there's a possibility your electricity or other hydro is damaged. If you happen to experience severe home damage call us. During these situations, your home may start flooding from a broken pipe. Before the water accumulates, hire our team to prevent it from worsening.

Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair

After experiencing high winds, it’s important to have someone look at your property. If you have roof shingles, chances are there is some wear and tear. Restoring your property is a task made for our team. We provide a 

  1. Exterior Cleanup
  2. Roofing
  3. Construction

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage restoration refers to the process of repairing and restoring properties. Whether it’s from hazardous windows or heavy rainfall, properties need a team ready to handle any emergency repairs. This is a critical service that helps commercial clients get back to business as usual after a storm. Storm damage can cause significant disruption to businesses. Storm damage restoration services provide an array of benefits to commercial clients. These include faster and efficient restoration of their properties, minimizing business interruption, and reducing the risk of secondary damages. Some secondary damage includes such as mold growth or water damage. Commercial business owners who use storm damage restoration services can expect a swift return to normal operations with minimal business interruption. Call for a free quote!

How to Prevent Drywall from Molding

Drywall molding is a common problem that can occur in homes after heavy rainfall or flooding. To prevent drywall molding, it’s important to take action with structural drying techniques. First, turn off any fans or air conditioning units to prevent the spread of mold spores. Contact a company for a dehumidifier to lower the humidity levels in the room. Make sure all windows and doors are open to get airflow in the room. If there is standing water, get a team to provide flood damage restoration services. If the drywall has already started to mold, it may need to be replaced. To prevent future mold growth, make sure to fix any leaks or sources of moisture in the affected area. Have them also inspect your home for any signs of water damage.

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