Fire Restoration Cambridge Ontario

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Whether commercial or residential, handling fire and smoke issues is a challenge. At Golden Triangle DKI, we understand how severe these situations are. For any fire restoration Cambridge Ontario issues, contact us. Providing as much detail on the phone is important. This way, we ensure the process is as efficient as possible. 

Fire Restoration Cambridge Ontario

What Our Process Looks Like:

Tarp & Boarding

Any fire has the potential to ruin parts of your home. Doors, windows and roofs are common areas of destruction. Any open areas in your home invites unwanted wildlife or water flow. Our professional team handles the boarding of your home to ensure nothing worsens.

Smoke Cleanup

An important part of our fire restoration Cambridge Ontario process is the smoke cleanup. After a fire, there tends to be residue or stains from the smoke. Appliances or other household items experience discolouration too. Our team handles these tasks with care to ensure your home is restored.

Odour Removal

One of the final steps is handling the post-fire smell. Often, there are odours that accumulate days after the incident. During our cleanup, there can be chemical odours that occur, however we handle that as well. Deodorization of your property is important. We want to ensure your home is as fully-restored as possible.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage occurs when the fire in a home or workplace triggers a pipe burst. The flooding of a home can be worrisome to most. This task requires professionals who know the water restoration cleanup service well. Our team has many employees who handle this service well, visit our water damage restoration page for more details.

Fire Restoration Cambridge Ontario

How to Restore Your Home

After experiencing fire and smoke damage, getting your property back to normal is tough. We offer a wide range of services below to help restore your home.

  1. Windows and Doors
  2. Roofing
  3. Construction

Previous Clients

A townhouse of mine experienced a small fire due to a curling iron being plugged in. I managed to tackle the issue before the damaged worsened but the corner of my wall had burn marks on it. I contacted Golden Triangle DKI and they handled the job with ease. There was no aftermath of the burn, the restoration was perfect.
Jag Sharma

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