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Restoration Cambridge | Where Do We Service?

At Golden Triangle DKI, we support all Ontario. Located in Cambridge, we primarily handle the KWC and surrounding areas. Yet, we encourage any restoration inquiries from across the province. We know our services and results are what separates ourselves from the rest. Often, our team is requested all over Ontario because of the quality work we produce.

Restoration Services

What Are The Most Popular Restoration Services?

Asbestos Abatement

Our asbestos abatement team preforms one of our most demanded services. This task is not offered by a lot of companies. There are a lot of health risks to taking on asbestos. But, we have trained professionals with years of experience to tackle these jobs.

Property Trauma Repair

In poor weather areas, your property is bound to see some sort of wear and tear. Shingles, door or window damage, or other exteriors of your property are at risk during storms. If your area is prone to large storms, you might want to reach out for an exterior inspection.

Mold Remedation

If your property experiences any water damages, chances are there will be some remaining. If this is the case, do not leave it ignored. Moisture seeps into cracks of the home and causes molding. Majority of moulding leads to health hazards or property damage at least. To prevent any issues from worsening, get in touch with us.

Water Restoration

Water damage leads to the value and structure of your home decreasing. Sitting water eats away at floors, tiles, and framing. These are expensive to replace, so ensure any water is deal with right away. If you experience a flood, this request calls for a professional team. We know the correct steps for water restoration success.

Restoration Services

Is Restoration Important?

If you’re looking to renovate, repair, and increase the value of your home, look no further. Our team at Golden Triangle DKI provides quality property restoration services. If you are unsure about a service we offer, reach out to us. We do residential and commercial buildings. Let us take on your tasks and show you why we are Cambridge’s top restoration team. Other important restoration services:

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