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Janitorial Services Toronto | Our Process

At Golden Triangle DKI, our team performs janitorial services Toronto work for all sizes of businesses. Having a clean workplace is important for the success of your company. If your workplace needs cleaning, contact us. If any other services are required, visit our services page.

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Janitorial Services Include:


With the emergence of Covid-19 over the last few years, sanitizing is key. To ensure your workplace is clean for your employees, allow us to sanitize the area.


Dust and dirt accumulation is not a good look for any business. The health and well-being of your workers needs prioritizing. Vacuuming any unwanted mess is crucial for a clean workplace.


Ensuring the tiles, floor, or hardwood is clean is another service we include. Sweeping and moping of floors helps the place look more tidy.

Trash Cleanup

Periodic trash cleaning for preventing workplace odour is important. If your business requires a team for a full-cleaning, reach out to us.

Business Cleaning Services | Our Process

Business cleaning services are exactly what a company needs. If you want to have a welcoming environment for clients and investors, you need a team to handle this. At GTRS, we provide janitorial work that keeps the office space, bathrooms, and common areas clean. Moreover, the consistent cleaning helps employees focus, be more excited to come to work, and enhance productivity. If you are a business looking for a team to handle business cleaning services, look no further. We provide a free quote to cleaning your property.

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Why Choose Us?

At Golden Triangle DKI, we are focus on providing the best results for our clients. In regard to our janitorial services Toronto, we have a track record of satisfied customers. Moreover, if your workplace needs cleaning, we are the right company for you. We handle each job with care and welcome any cleaning inquiries.

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