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The accumulation of mould can occur in residential or commercial buildings. One of the easiest ways for mould to form is from water exposure. Whether it’s from a leaky roof or other deficiencies, we handle the repairs. If ignored, mould spreads throughout buildings. Any signs of moulding or water spots is a sign to call our team. Even if precautionary, send us images of your concerns.

Mould Removal Cambridge

Most Common Causes of Moulding

Roof Leak

Often, if you have missing shingles on your roof, water finds a way into your home. Homeowners do not check their attic regularly, which is a cause for concern. We encourage semi-annual inspections to ensure you do not have mould growing.

Bathroom Water Accumulation

Getting out of the shower/bathtub leaves water on the ground and tiles. Ignoring water accumulation on the ground means the water seeps into unwanted areas. Although water evaporates, it's better to clean up before the issue worsens.

Broken/Damages Pipes

Commercial buildings have many pipers that redirect water flow. If any of these pipes happen to burst, flooding or a simple leak is not good for the building. Wherever there's unwanted water, mould tends to follow. Ensure that you inspect your property often.


If your building or home has carpet, constant cleaning is important. Carpet moulding is less obvious to the naked eye. Your carpet or upholstery should see cleaning annually. This way, no mould or unexpected dirt accumulates. Call us for any Cambridge carpet cleaning services.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Increased exposure to mould is a larger health hazard than one realizes. Especially in the workplace, moulding is an issue that cannot be ignored. Any employees develop health issues if exposed long enough. The main reasons to handle mould right away is because of:

  1. Employee Health
  2. Building Deterioration
  3. Odour
  4. Prevent Spreading

Mould Treatment Services with GTRS

Mold treatment services are essential for any business that has experienced mold growth. This is particularly important for companies in Southern Ontario, with humid and damp conditions in summer and spring. With the unpredictable weather, this creates an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold can cause significant damage to buildings and pose health risks to employees and customers. It can also affect the quality of indoor air and contribute to respiratory problems. Companies in Southern Ontario must focus on mold treatment services to their building is safe. Professional restoration companies that offer mold treatment services address mold in the best way possible. If there is any signs of mold, contact a restoration team right away. It’s best to have professionals handle the situation so there’s no spreading or further contamination.

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