Asbestos Abatement Ontario

Asbestos Abatement Ontario | Why Choose Us?

One of the most tedious job is asbestos abatement Ontario. At Golden Triangle DKI, our team knows the difficultly of the task. Not all companies have the skillset our employees have. To ensure the situation is handled, give us the project details. We enjoy the opportunity to tackle new tasks.

Asbestos Abatement Ontario

How Do We Handle Asbestos Removal Ontario?

HVAC & Vent Sealing

To prevent any spreading, turning off the HVAC system and vents is key. The last thing needed is the asbestos fibres circulating. The damage from exposure puts many at severe health risks.

Plastic Sheeting

Another step for reducing the spread is plastic sheeting. Workers have to wear hazmat suits to ensure their own safety. The plastic sheets are to cut any circulation and prevent the issue from worsening.

HEPA Filter Vaccuuming

Vacuuming is an effective tactic for cleaning the residue from the asbestos. These filters can catch asbestos and help purify the air. HEPA air filters catch small but dangerous particles that are often hard to trap. Some of these include dust, smoke, and asbestos residue.

Dispose Safely

Whether the job is residential or commercial, asbestos exposure can happen anywhere. There are certain protocols to follow during the elimination of asbestos. Our asbestos abatement Ontario team wets the asbestos-containing materials first. Then, place it in plastic before taking it to the disposal site. At the disposal site, the sealed asbestos is buried.

Asbestos Abatement Ontario

What Problems Does Asbestos Cause?

Increased exposure to asbestos has many health effects on the human body. Any signs of asbestos needs handling right away. We have a  team that specializes in asbestos abatement Ontario. To prevent the below, contact us to eliminate any further spreading.

  1. Lung Damage
  2. Coughing
  3. Nausea
  4. Fatigue
  5. Shortness of Breath

Asbestos Removal Ontario

Asbestos removal Ontario refers to the process of removing asbestos from commercial and residential properties. It is a hazardous material used in construction and building materials before the 1980s. When disturbed, asbestos fibres can cause serious health problems. Asbestos companies are trained to dispose of asbestos in compliance with Ontario’s regulations. These companies conduct thorough assessments to identify the presence of asbestos. From there, they develop customized removal plans to end the risk of exposure to workers and occupants. Asbestos removal in Ontario is essential for the health of everyone in or around a property.

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