Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

A clean and well-maintained floor not only enhances the appearance but also contributes to a productive working space. Commercial flooring cleaning services involve a thorough cleaning of different types of floors. This includes carpet, hardwood, tile, and vinyl, using specialized equipment and cleaning products. These services may include regular maintenance, deep cleaning, stain removal, and even restoration. Hiring a commercial cleaning Cambridge team saves time and ensures the flooring is done right. Extending its lifespan and enhancing the appearance of the space are benefits of this service.

commercial floor cleaning services

What Do We Focus On?

Routine Maintenance

This involves regular cleaning and upkeep of the flooring, such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and buffing. The goal is to remove surface-level dirt, dust, and debris.

Deep Cleaning

This involves a more thorough cleaning of the flooring. We use equipment and cleaning products that remove stains, dirt, and grime that may not be visible with routine maintenance.

Restorative Cleaning

Restorative cleaning involves repairing and restoring damaged flooring. We refinish hardwood floors, clean and reseal tile and grout, and replace damaged carpet tiles.

Specialized Services

These specialized services address flooring challenges or requirements. Examples are anti-slip treatments, disinfection and sanitization, and odour removal.

commercial floor cleaning services

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There are many benefits for commercial floor cleaning for businesses of all sizes and types. Some of the most significant benefits include:
Improved Appearance: Regular maintenance of flooring can improve its appearance, making it look clean and professional. Enhanced Health and Safety: Proper cleaning and disinfection of flooring can reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This helps to create a healthier and safer work environment. Increased Longevity: Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the lifespan of flooring. helping to avoid costly replacements or repairs in the long run. Time and Cost Savings: Outsourcing floor cleaning to a professional service can save businesses time and money. Companies can focus on their core operations while leaving cleaning tasks to the experts.

How to Clean Commercial Floors

The most efficient way for a professional company to clean commercial floors depends on a few things. The type of flooring, the level of soiling, and the specific needs of the business. Yet, the following steps are used to achieve a thorough and efficient cleaning:
Inspection: The cleaning crew inspects the flooring. This is so they can identify stains, or damages that need special attention. Pre-treatment: The crew applies pre-treatment solutions to break down dirt and stains. By doing this, it makes them easier to remove during cleaning. Cleaning: The crew uses specialized equipment, such as floor scrubbers, vacuums, or steam cleaners. They may use different cleaning products and techniques depending on the type of flooring, and level of soiling. Spot Cleaning: Any remaining stains or dirt are spot-treated to ensure a deep clean. Rinse and Drying: The flooring is rinsed to remove any remaining cleaning solutions. Structural drying is key to ensuring there is no water and molding in the floor tile.

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