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If there has been a traumatic accident that needs to be cleaned up, contact us. After a crime scene has been vacated, some municipalities do not provide cleaning services for the situation. If this is the case, the team at Golden Triangle DKI handles the trauma cleaning of all inquiries. If you require any additional services, click the button below.

Crime Scene Cleaners

What Our Process Looks Like:

Protection of Workers

First thing is to always ensure our workers are safe. Securing the area and making sure all unnecessary parties are removed is key. We have trained professionals that understand how precise and detailed this sort of cleaning can be.

Scrub the Necessary Spots

The correct tools and materials need to be used when cleaning. We use standard cleaning tools like mops, brushes and rags. Depending on the scenario, heavy-duty or industrial strength cleaning chemicals are needed. We then throw out all used objects and materials so there is no spreading.

Disinfect the Area

The best method for disinfecting is to use bleach and hydrogen peroxide. This helps attack the bacteria that is present during the trauma cleanup. If ignored, the spreading of harmful viruses can infect the area.


Ventilation and industrial strength deodorizers are important. This helps with getting the remaining moisture and contamination out. Removing harsh smells is a key step in the restoration process. If the area still smells, contact us for follow-up services.

Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime Scene Cleaning

Quality cleaning services are hard to come by. Some companies do not have access to the materials and products we have. We treat every job with precision and care. Each cleaning job has many steps that need completion before the job is labeled as finished. We know the results that will surpass your expectations.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma scene cleanup services focus on the removal and disinfection and cleaning specific areas. The materials from trauma scenes such as accidents, suicides, and other traumatic incidents are all examples. Trauma scene cleanup is an essential service as it helps to stop any potential health hazards present. It also ensures that the trauma scene is restored to a safe and habitable condition. Trauma scene cleanup services use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to disinfect. Trauma scene cleanup services offer a crucial solution for cleaning and disinfecting these areas. The team reduces the risk of exposure to biohazardous materials and restoring the area to a safe and habitable condition.

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