24 Hour Disaster Restoration Services

24 Hour Disaster Restoration Services| What to Expect

Especially in harsh-weather areas, residential damage is common. We see a range of missing shingles to tree property damage. During heavy rainfall, your roof experiences wear and tear. High winds also have the chance to impact your home exterior. If you want to be proactive, call our team for a property inspection. After a storm, we encourage you to check for any damages before they worsen. If you need a professional team to handle this, contact us.

24 Hour Disaster Restoration Services

What Emergency Services Do We Provide?

Roofing & Exteriors

High winds and heavy rainfall are a roofs worst nightmare. Constant precipitation eats away at roofing shingles over the years. If your home is located in an area like this, we encourage roof inspections. We check the attic and the exterior of your roof to ensure everything is intact. Our professionals handle any roof replacement or repair services.

Building Fire Restoration

Another emergency service is fire or smoke restoration. This is caused by anything from your kitchen elements, to a hair straightener being left on. Fire and smoke damage to your home can stem from many things. At Golden Triangle DKI, we tackle the cleaning and repair caused from fire and smoke situations.

Property Cleanup and Restoration

After a storm, debris and other material scatters around your property. Some debris is unsafe to move yourself and a professional team is required. Not only do we handle repairs, but the cleanup is just as important. Exterior and interior cleaning is one of our specialties. Call us for any residential or commercial cleaning.

Flooding Control

Extreme weather conditions can damage the structure of your home. There's no predicting what can occur during a storm. If your home experiences traumatic damage, contact us. During storm destruction, it is possible for your pipes to break. When this happens, flooding in the home occurs. If you need a team to handle flood control, call us right away.

24 Hour Disaster Restoration Services

Disaster Restoration Process

We have a team ready to handle your commercial or residential inquiries. If you need an emergency restoration team to repair your property, call us. We are responsive and have proven results to bring your home back to normal. We also handle the restoration of commercial buildings. During the process, we inform the owner of all the damage that occurs. Transparency is key in this industry, so we ensure the client is always up to speed. Our repair work will exceed your expectations and help bring your property back to normal.

Emergency Restoration

Emergency restoration services are beneficial to both commercial and residential properties. They can help reduce the extent of damage, reduce repair costs, and prevent further harm to the property and its occupants. Emergency restoration companies offer 24/7 services to address damage. They can also provide temporary measures such as board-up and tarping to secure the property. Additionally, emergency restoration services can help property owners with the insurance claims process. Emergency restoration services are a crucial investment for property owners looking to protect their assets.

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