Top Causes of Water Damage in Homes and Businesses

Water damage can come out of nowhere and is often not prepared well for. Many businesses that experience flooding have to be reactive. Often, there are common sources to water damage in homes and businesses. We help identify the common areas that cause water damage in your property. In this blog post, there will be a detailed breakdown of major issues with flooding and how to prevent water damage.

causes of water damage

Problems with Plumbing

Plumbing issues are the most common cause of water damage in homes and businesses. These issues can include burst pipes, leaking faucets, and clogged drains. If left unchecked, plumbing issues can lead to severe water damage. Water damage restoration Cambridge can compromise the structural integrity of a building. To prevent plumbing issues, it is a must to have regular maintenance performed on your plumbing system. This can include annual inspections, pipe and drain cleaning, and repairs as needed. If you notice any signs of a plumbing issue, such as a drop in water pressure or a sudden increase in your water bill, it is important to address the problem.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, can cause extensive water damage to homes and businesses. These events can be unpredictable and can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. To prepare for natural disasters, it is important to have an emergency plan in place. This includes having a backup power source, keeping documents in a waterproof container, and having an evacuation plan. Having flood insurance can provide financial protection in the event of a natural disaster.

causes of water damage

Imperfect Appliances

Faulty appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, can cause water damage. This can include overflowing or leaking water, which can spread and cause significant damage. Flood damage restoration services are the best way to handle major flood issues. To prevent appliance-related water damage, it is important to have appliances inspected. Additionally, it is important to never overload appliances and to use them according to their instructions.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems, including air conditioning units and heating systems, can cause water damage. This can include leaking or overflowing condensation pans, which can cause water to spread and cause damage. To prevent HVAC-related water damage, it is important to have regular maintenance performed on your system. This can include cleaning of condensation pans and replacing filters as needed.

causes of water damage

Summary Causes of Water Damage

To summarize, an emergency restoration team is your best decision in these scenarios. Make sure to have a few restoration Cambridge companies in mind to ease your mind. That way, you are not scrambling to find the right team to act on the situation. The better prepared you are, the less concerned you need to be if a pipe bursts or a roof leaks. If you monitor the common causes of water damage above, you will be best prepared in the future.

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